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LD FORGE Open-die Forging Process Diagram:


Upon the order confirmation, our engineers would start to draw the forging graph in accordance with the client’s requests, then confirm the weight and material of ingots. The chemical and physical testing of each raw material would be done before cutting, followed by heating to the initial forging temperature (~1200 ℃) in heating furnace.

Driven by our well-trained technicians and advanced equipment,  the manufacture of heavy forging can strictly follow the pre-planned forging process to produce the forging parts.

Heat treatment would soon be applied to the forging blank to improve the mechanical property as required. Thereafter the semi-finished products would be moved to machining workshop to proceed rough/finished machining by the center or CNC lathes to the blueprint specifications.

Quality controls are performed throughout the whole manufacturing process to ensure that each manufactured product conforms to the international standard of excellence. We are capable of carrying out in-house testing including physical testing, chemical testing, hardness testing, ultrasonic testing etc.