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Forge Quality Process

Our commitment to excellence and deep dedication to total customer satisfaction are the driving forces behind every decision we make and are supported by the extensive training provided to all members of our staff. Our proven quality process incorporates a comprehensive system of checks, reviews, and audits conducted by in-house employees and third party individuals to ensure that all our products of the highest possible quality.

Quality is in the Details

Every detail, from the initiation of your quote to the completion of the project and delivery of your order, is closely scrutinized and subject to intensive quality checking. Our  machining and forging facilities are ISO certified* and compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We also feature Level 2 NDE capabilities for assured structural integrity, and all our metal materials are fully traceable.

Inspection & Test Plan
No. Description of Activity  Instrument Inspection Item Participation By Report
Vendor Purchaser
1 Document Approval(ITP, DWG & Procedures)   P.O. Specification (incl. material and technical info) R RV  P.O Audit Report
2 Production Plan  

Production Plan (e.g. Cutting, Forging Process, Heat Treatment)

R - Production Plan
3 Material Procurement   Classification / Labelling R - Supplier Material Quality Report
4 Material Inspection Spectrum Analyze
Metallographic Analyzer
Chemical Components R - Material Inspection Record
Visual Inspection R -  
Size and Dimension R -  
5 Cutting Sawing Machine Weight,  Dimension
R - Cutting Record
6 Heating Heating Furnace Heating Temperature
Heating Duration
R R Heating Temperature Record
7 Forging Hydraulic Hammer
Air Hammer
Forging Ratio
Initial Forging Temperature Final Forging Temperature Dimension
R - Forging Process Report
Ring Rolling Ring Rolling Machine R - Technical Report
8 Heat Treatment Heat Treatment Furnace Heat Treatment Type
Temperature Control
Holding Duration
Cooling Medium
R R Heat Treatment Record
9 Rough Machining Lathe Dimension, Apperance, Machining Allowance R R Rough Machining Record
10 Finished Machining* CNC Lathe Dimension, Accuracy R R Finished Machining Record
11 Mechanical Property Inspection (ASTM A370)  Hardness Tester Hardness R R Hardness Report
Universal Testing Machine Testile Strength
Yield Strength
R R Testile Testing Report
Impact Testing Mahcine AKV R R Impact Testing Report
PMI Chemical Composition and Metallographic Inspection R R
Material Quality Report
 (EN10204 PED Type3.1)
Material Quality Report (EN10204 PED Type 3.1)
12 Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Ultrasonic Tester Product Defect R R UT Report
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)* Magnetic Tester R R MT Report
 Penetrant Testing (PT)* Penetration Tester R R PT Report
Radiographic Testing (RT)*  X-ray flaw detector R R RT Report
13 Marking Label Printer Content R -  
14 Final Inspection   Quantity, Dimension, Specification R -  
15 Packing   Stain Proofing
R -  
Documents Preparation
R RV Documents
Asterisk*:  Optional, as per client request
R- Review    RV-Review and Verification