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Our 30-year experience in the field of open-die forging and ring rolling technology enables us to tailor the production methods to each customer’s special requirements. 

Our product groups:

Rolled ring at max diameter 2500mm, height 880mm.

Valve body (or cylindrical hollows and pierced discs) from NPS 1-36”, Max Diameter 1500mm, Max Weight 3.5 tons

Valve bonnet (or profiled forgings / rings) from NPS 1-36”, Max Diameter 1500mm, Max Weight 3.5 tons

Forged ball from NPS 1-36”, widely used in ball valve

Forged discs, bars in round/square/stepped dimensions

Standardized flange in line with ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, GB/T 9112~9124-2010 

Other special shape, like cone, sleeve or gear according to your requirement

Our production specialists understand the product specifications to find the optimal metal working procedures for each work piece, and the optimal production equipment for each component, with  both functionality and reliability in mind.

Except forging/ring rolling, LD FORGE also provide service covering die design, in-house machining (rough/finished), heat treatment (incl. normalizing, annealing, hardening and tempering, solution treatment), metallographic analysis and ND testing (incl. UT, MT, PT, RT), which is a real one-stop for all services. And we know that the basis of our work is making a continuously refined production process to meet the strictest product requirements. Your wish is our motivation.