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LD FORGE have upgraded two sets of ring rolling machines to produce the rolled rings,  as well as valve body, bonnet from 4” to 36”.

Becasue of the smooth surface comparing to the forgings produced by hammers, forgings made by rolled ring machine have much less machining margin,  that can help to reduce the forging weight by around 15%-20%, as well as the cost. 


Now LD FORGE is capable of producing the valve body from 4"-36" and bonnet from 4"-24" by using the new ring rolling technology to cater to the requirements of our clients. Besides, we keep supplying the reliable forged ball from 1" to 36" as always.


LD FORGE is on the way to lead the continuous improvement of forging technology that can bring more benefits to our clients. Feel free to contact us via or call 0086-577-65517030 to find our well-trained sales engineer to answer your inquiries.